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Cincinnati Bengals 2020 NFL Draft || Legends Are Made

This video is about Cincinnati Bengals 2020 NFL Draft. All credit goes to ESPN, NFL, NBC, CBS, FOX. The music credit goes to Sam Tinnesz.


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  1. Awesome video something special is gonna happening in Cincinnati I truly believe the team in the city is tired of being the butt of all jokes I think this is going to be since he's time in the next few years

  2. Dumbasses who said he should go to Miami over Cincinnati is just dumb as hell about football. How is the Dolphins any better than Cincinnati ? Answer that. At least Cincinnati has made it to the playoffs. What has the Dolphins done any better than Cincinnati ? What they need to do is shut the fuck up. Joe just got drafted by Cincy . So there it is and he didn't demand a trade. Also to hell with Palmer and T.J. Housh that don't have a loyal bone in their body . Over the years has reflected over Cincinnati's past cause they were the players and they're the ones who couldn't win a fucking playoff game. They had plenty of talented teammates to help them get to the playoffs. So that tells the whole story right fucking there. The players are the ones who sucked , not the whole team in general.

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