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Michelin Star Chinese at HKK, Best Restaurants in London

In this video we speak to renowned Michelin Star chef, Tong Chee Hwee, from how he started cooking in China to becoming the first chef in the UK to receive a Michelin star for Chinese cuisine.

We also speak to general manager, Giancaro Princigalli, and look at how HKK goes beyond traditional Chinese food by employing French cooking techniques, as well as serving more focused dishes in a tasting menus style.


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  1. I have not been in this restaurant, by the look of the dish. Is small, is expensive. I would prefer to eat at others Chinese restaurant , where by the dishes will be bigger, cheaper and it taste nice too.

  2. It's nonsense that in Europe you have to cook Chinese food and present it like French food for it to be considered "fine dining" by a glorified French road map made by a tire company and there after the snobby sheep of insert city here, who claim to be foodies and will loudly sing from the rooftops how this is the best "Chinese restaurant" in insert city here, despite never having been to China, not knowing that it's a huge country made up of different regions with completely different styles of food and not having even the most basic grasp of what any of these regional dishes are, let alone what they should taste like.

  3. Good Chinese food isn't Michelin starred in Asia . It's cheap and found on every street corner . Well done with your expensive top end stuff for the rich . How about Chinese food for normal people ? Fancy rubbish . Chinese food isn't just for the wealthy .

  4. I have given up with chinese food in the UK.
    The bottom end is disgusting with rip off "Authentic "dishes which are little more than reconstituted slaughter house and fish factory "Mush" glued togethjer with gunk.
    The sooner they all pack their wretched woks up and get lost, the better.

  5. Whenever I goto a Michelin starred Chinese restaurant, I know of the following:
    1. food will be pretty good. But portion way too small.
    2. The price will be outrageous, and I can get the same quality food at reduced price next door on a stall.
    3. There will be a pretty waitress and the service will be excellent, but I pay for that, reluctantly.
    4. There will be a bunch of white people pretending they know Asian food using chopsticks even in dishes that is easier using a spoon.
    5. at the end of the day l, I will goto the night market and fill myself up because I am still hungry.

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