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Dr. Anthony Fauci should be ‘only person’ public hears from during COVID-19 crisis

In an interview reporter Charles Benson, Former Vice President Joe Biden said Dr. Anthony Fauci is the only White House official the public should hear from.

Benson had the opportunity to sit down on a Zoom call with the presumptive Democrative nominee for president and ask him a few questions. They addressed the DNC, coronavirus' affect on African Americans, and re-opening Wisconsin's economy.

In the interview, Biden hinted that it was not yet time to re-open Wisconsin.

"The hospitals in Milwaukee have less than a week’s supply of things they need," said Biden. "There are three things that need to happen: testing, tracking, and treatment."

He also addressed the fact that this virus is hitting the African American community especially hard. According to Biden, no one should have to pay for a test, especially people in historically underrepresented communities. He also added that it's especially important to "keep a clear, clear, ledger of what’s going on in minority communities."

Biden wrapped up the interview by addressing the way our federal government is currently handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’d all be better off if the only person we heard from from the White House was Dr. Fauci," said Biden.

He mentioned that the president should not be hosting these long press conferences daily.

"Follow the science," said Biden. "We're taking too much time."

This article was written by Charles Benson and Julia Marshall for


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