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Eating At The BEST Reviewed Mexican Restaurant In My City (5 Star)

We went to the WORST reviewed Mexican Restaurant, This time we decided to try the BEST REVIEWED Mexican Restaurant! Heres our thoughts!
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Hi I'm Brennen. I've been eating food for 23 years. I'm basically a professional. Here is my Food Review:

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  1. I’m lactose intolerant and I understand but I get like get bad with milk because it hurts my stomach

  2. I hate that he says he’s half Mexican but seems to know jack shit about the food and culture . Bro your just American . GTFO

  3. Can you guys follow me on tiktok plz ?? :. matthew_sauce if you do God bless you have a good life

  4. If your in utah go to the big apple that place is good and next door they have a burger the size of your head and its a timed stest on how fast yoh can eat it

  5. Claims he’s mexican but doesn’t know what molé is. Bruv you’ve missed out on so much Brennen

  6. I can’t belive you guys the Jeopardy intro song but its a remix when brennen was drinking the horchata

  7. the way he says all the mexican foods hurts all of us mexicans but when he says horchata hurts me even more

  8. imagine if someone really needed to go to the bathroom and heard jake : WELCOME TO JAKES BATHROOM REVIEWWWWW

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