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INDIANA : Storm (Tornado) causes serious damage in downtown Mooresville; Indiana tornado

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  1. Use to live in Mooresville. The intersection is a wind tunnel as is. Hope everyone in the area is okay

  2. Indiana demons getting a light ass whooping too,just like in the demonic Nashville &Jonesboro Arkansas…I'm sure I missed some other clean up news but I'll talk about it later.

  3. Fires,floods,winds,disease….and no one can convince white people and their demonic police they're paying for their sins.

  4. Yeah um my uncle got a new car that he bought for 700 dollars and he only had it for 3 days because a big tree branch fell down and hit his car.

  5. I just looked this up because I will be posting soon and realized we have the same letters in our logo.

  6. I was under a Tornado Warning SW of Indianapolis I had to take shelter.

  7. I live in Mooresville and I heard sirens for like 4 hours and this was very close to me nope everyone is safe?

  8. I was so scared when I heard the tornado siren. I also went to downtown Mooresville yesterday.

  9. I live in New Albany, Indiana . Which is right next to louisville, kentucky. But i hope everyone is okay their . that is absolutely terrible.

  10. I just saved my whole entire family from this tornado because I got the message that there was about to be a tornado warning in my area so I warned my family but they didn't listened to me and later on my mother founded out that is was raining hard and winds was really fast so I told everyone to hide in the closet and then after praying to God that I was not going to die in this age and later on it stopped at 2 am and I was really tired and depressed after what I just saw but I was lucky that I saved my whole entire family but nobody thanked me but I'm fined with that, I'm glad Indiana will be safe again from tornadoes ?

  11. I live in Mooresville Indiana and it was so bad that all the power went out on my neighborhood

  12. I was driving when that shit hit down i live netween Monrovia and mooresville just off of Keller hill. The dang storm damn near ran me off the road.. I seen the shit touch down and i hit the gas gone

  13. Hi i live in Indiana and let me tell you it was terrifying i was like everything in my body was shaking and im 14 i never experienced that since 2009

  14. Here was my view of the tornado; It was time to go to bed, I was pacing through my living room because why not lol. I went into my room and the lights went off, I thought someone in my family turned off the living room lights because I was under the bed for no reason. They turned back on and soon flickered off. I crawled out from under the bed and I asked why the lights turned off. my mother said there was a storm so I raced to the window to look at the lightning and then the alert from my sister's phone went off. I thought it was just those bad thunderstorms that would only last for an hour. Sammy then told me to put my shoes on and I questioned why because we were on a hill and we wouldnt need them for a flood. So I just didn't, But suddenly the tornado alarm started going off. We all paniced and raced to the bathroom. Bella, my sister then said that we should go to the closet. That was a smart idea because there was a window in the bathroom. Only my mother me and bella went into the closet. I heard the back door open then close. Bella would yell, WE ARE GONNA DIEEEEEEE probably three times but my mother comforted her. we sat in the closet and bella had these ear plugs on with music on because she hated the sound of the tornado. Neither did we but we dealt with it. I prayed to god for us to be safe from the tornado, my mother said the worst part would be over at 9:15 it 8:49 at that time so we just sat there sleepily but not falling asleep. then it was 9;15 so we decided to go out of the closet. Sammy told us he went outside to see if the tornado was near. and grandma just lied on her bed like nothing happened. I sat in the living room and sammy explained why he told us to get our shoes on. I went into the closet with bella because she wouldnt come out in fear that the tornado would wreck the house. my mother tried to put on a movie. but I put on a video I made in the summer that was thirty-five minutes to watch. we hadnt gone to sleep when it was over. then, the movie worked so we watched. I went into a tiny snooze. I woke up and bella was panicing about the dark, my mother put on the candles and we went to sleep and in the morning everything was back to normal. the end!

  15. Me and my mom drove though the tornado it was very bad we hit a tree we would have died if 2 people would have not helped us we went I a painting Company.

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