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The Dolphins want to draft Joe Burrow but the Bengals aren’t willing to give him up | Get Up

Dan Graziano says the Miami Dolphins are willing to trade up to the No. 1 pick to draft QB Joe Burrow, but the Cincinnati Bengals have given no indication that they are open to moving out of the top spot at the 2020 NFL Draft.
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  1. Bengals fan and I love hearing Pat Mcafee trash them lol. I personally want them to just stick with Dalton and draft Chase Young and then later Jordan Love. This team isn’t winning sh*t anytime soon so get as many young assets as possible before finally completing the Rebuild and trying to win. I also don’t think Burrow is going to be that great. ?‍♂️

  2. It's about "optics". There's no way Bengal fans would sit still if Burrow isn't selected. They wouldn't show up for the games if Dalton is the QB for another lousy season. Mike Brown knows optics. He'll draft Burrow to keep the "pitchforks" away.

  3. Yep. Anyone who knows football knows the Dolphins have way more holes than Cincinnati. The last thing they should be doing is giving up draft capital. Bengals are a much better situation and have actual playoff appearances and success in the last decade unlike Miami (Dolphins lucked into 1 total playoff)

  4. I feel sorry for Joe burrow the Bengals are dolphins draft him he still screwed either way cuz they both stink and his career will be screwed he should be wishing one them would draft them would draft TUA and one of the other quarterbacks before him that way he might get to go to a halfway decent team

  5. I still don’t understand why everyone shits in the bengals. They claim they don’t try to help and show no effort at all. They believe Cincinnati will ruin any prospect. The truth is they don’t want to have to report on a small market bengals team.

  6. No way are the Dolphins going to give three 1st round picks to Cincinnati to acquire " One hit wonder boy"Joe burrow… What are these dudes smoking. Now, if your're asking me. I believe Tua is worth all Miami's 1st round picks for sure. He is going to be Dan Marino 2.0 in Miami.

  7. If Burrow goes to Cincinnati, hes the next Stafford. Really good productive QB in a really bad organization and leads to nothing much. Joe needs to go somewhere that can actually win

  8. When are people gonna realize that 3 first isn't enough? its gonna take alot more than that with a team that
    #1 is in position to draft the hometown guy
    2# never trades picks

  9. Jesus Miami looks bad right now. Does their owner think all he has to do is keep saying he wants Joe Burrow. I'm still waiting to see him hold a press conference like come on Cincinnati, I got these cheeseburgers. I suck yo d***. Just let it go man lol. How are you gonna draft any other qb at this point. They will not trade you the pick. It's not only the right decision football wise, it's also the right pick business wise. Burrow puts butts in the seats. Mike brown would be insane to trade that pick regardless of the offer. Also. No one talks about this. But it's not necessarily a good thing to have 5 1st Rd picks in a two year span. You're gonna have trouble signing all those contracts and you'll lose most of them after their rookie deal. The smart play for Cincy is to lock down their franchise qb. And that's what they're going to do. Drop it Miami. You look pathetic.

  10. Miami should take Simmons, Chaisson and D’Andre Swift with their 3 first round picks. Take Hurts in round and build a Lamar Jackson system around him. He’s not as talented bu he’s close enough.

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