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  1. Awesome video glad u took us along I enjoyed it thanks and u always look so refreshing. Like ur make-up looks so fresh and clean. Keep up the great work.? Sending Love and Blessing's??☺

  2. That's so sweet that you call your grandmother Deedue, we called my Grandmother Anna because when my eldest brother was learning to speak, he could not say nana, it came out Anna, so all her grandchildren and eventually great-grandchildren called her Anna. Cherish your Grandparents, mine have already all passed away, and I miss them so much!

  3. Mady, I don't know if you have a Dermatologist or not but mine prescribed Aczone Gel 5%. It really works great, you can put it on at night or even under your makeup.

  4. Next time you are in Cincinnati, you need to visit the zoo, fountain square, the banks, go atop the Carew Tower to the observation deck, catch a Reds or Bengals game. Eat Skyline Chili & Graters ice cream. Also check out Union Terminal / Cincinnati Museum Center. Also travel up 30 min to Mason, Ohio to Kings Island or about 20 minutes east to Coney Islands sunlite pool. Cincinnati has alot to offer & so much more.

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