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11 times Donald Trump downplayed the coronavirus

President Donald Trump has consistently underplayed the severity of the coronavirus and its impact on the country over the past few months. And who has comes to his defense? Vice President Mike Pence! Chris Cillizza runs through some of the top moments President Trump has belittled the threat of coronavirus.

Pence seeks to blame CDC and China for any delay in US coronavirus response -- not Trump's initial failure to face reality

Trump uses China as a foil when talking coronavirus, distancing himself from criticism

Trump Defends Closing Borders to Travelers to Fight Coronavirus

April 5 coronavirus news

February 26 coronavirus news

Trump again downplays coronavirus by comparing it to the seasonal flu. It’s not a fair comparison.

FACT CHECK: Trump Compares Coronavirus To The Flu, But It Could Be 10 Times Deadlier

Trump says a nationwide coronavirus stay-home order was discussed – but is ‘pretty unlikely’ for now

Brazilian president's press secretary tests positive for coronavirus, days after meeting Trump

US coronavirus death toll reaches 61 as cities, states close bars and other venues

The 30 most outrageous lines from Donald Trump's interview with Sean Hannity

President Trump’s Prime-Time Pandemic

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