Cincinnati man offers free math tutoring for kids across the country

CINCINNATI — Courtney Seals says her daughter’s math lessons are a little different than what she learned in school.

The Georgia mom is among parents across the country who are homeschooling their children due to the coronavirus pandemic, and a Cincinnati-based math tutor wants to help.

Larry Hodge is offering free virtual lessons for children in fifth through eighth grade. He says it’s his way of giving back during this challenging time.

Hodge typically charges $100 an hour, but he saw the overwhelming need as more and more state lawmakers shut down schools to stop the spread of COVID-19.

And he’s not just helping the students; he’s helping parents understand the work too.

"Parents sat in and be like, 'Look, teach me like you're teaching them, so that we all can get it,’" Hodge said.

Seals said she is grateful for Hodge because she may not have been able to pay for tutoring otherwise.

"The money that I do have, I have to pay to keep the lights on,” Seals said. “So to have the option of him offering it for free has been a blessing."

Hodge said he simply wants to help kids accomplish their goals.

"They'll gain that confidence and then go on to be that engineer that they really want to be or that doctor,” Hodge said.

Click here to sign up for Hodge's class.

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