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Are the Bengals locked in on Joe Burrow? | SportsCenter NFL Mock Draft Special

While reviewing Todd McShay’s 2020 NFL Mock Draft 4.0, the crew explains why the Cincinnati Bengals would need an offer too good to pass up on selecting LSU QB Joe Burrow.

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  1. joe burrow will be a bust and a blind man can see that, since he benefitted from joe brady spread offense. tua tagovailoa will also be a bust due to his catastrophic hip injury and history of being prone to injury. the bengals should trade the pick, acquire extra picks and then use one of the extra picks to move back up to draft chase young.

  2. Funniest thing is that nobody talked about the only quarterback with multiple championships, the most wins versus losses, best win percentage, best rusher and he did it on two teams “Jalen Hurts” The Only Real Champion in the Whole Draft !!!!!!!!!!!!! No wait for production in one or two years like the other quarterbacks

  3. I personally would either want them to trade the pick for more pick or draft a different QB. I'm sorry but I'm not sold on joe burrow I don't care how good you are in college the NFL is way different and it's gonna take more then 1 best season to convince me to pick you.

  4. The bengals are in the perfect spot to trade down with the Dophins and still get Tua. In a deep draft they’ll possibly have four of the top 33 picks (if the trade happens). That’s a chance to get Tua, an elite number 2 wr opposite Green, a starter on the o-line and a starter on defense. Dalton is on a team friendly deal for just one more year, let Tua get healthy and we’re possibly looking back at how the bengals stole the draft. It’s a big risk no doubt but the upside is crazy if Tua pans out. Don’t forget it was tanking for Tua.

  5. If Miami gives Cincy all 3 first rounders, both of their second rounders, AND their 3rd rounder, then the Bengals will trade the #1 choice. Anything less, then NO DEAL. The Dolphins would still have 10 picks remaining in the draft, even if they traded all those picks to Cincy. Makes you wonder. Take it to the bank.

  6. You know when something looks too good to be true. Had too much of a perfect season. I see it and call it now and I'm the biggest Bengals fan that Joe will bust but not Ryan leaf bust but ends up being another Andy Dalton Type Qb

  7. Get Cam Newton.
    Trade back alittle bit get Chaisson or Simmons, pick up extra 2nd and 3rd round picks or 1st and 2nd from Miami. Then get CB, 2OL, then less dynamic DE to convert to DT.
    Denzel Mimms might be a good 3rd or 4th round steal at receiver with great size and speed.
    Tyrie Cleveland could be another late steal at receiver once other positions are filled.

  8. Lol you know everyone knew the Browns were taking Sam Darnold; in the 2018 draft the Cleveland Browns select: Baker Mayfield ?. 2019 and the giants select: Daniel Jones ?. So don't be so sure.

  9. Well, Bengals are Tigers, Joe Burrow plays for the Tigers, therefore, Why not be a Tiger again? Of course the'll draft him, whether or not if they get any opening qb's in free agency whether it's Cam Newton, Josh McCown or Jameis Winston to make it a good quarterback unit for the Bengals.

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