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Cincinnati Bengals making surprising splash in free agency | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Mike Florio and Chris Simms look at the Bengals in free agency so far and explain what their strategy is going forward. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL #CincinnatiBengals
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Mike Florio, creator of the industry-leading, offers his NFL insight alongside regular guests, including former NFL athletes such as Chris Simms. Pro Football Talk informs and entertains with the most up-to-date news and analysis surrounding the topical NFL stories of the day.

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Cincinnati Bengals making surprising splash in free agency | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports


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  1. Well the bengals need a linebacker and made the playoffs 3 years ago what is he talking about long drought of terrible teams

  2. why are people trying to make A.J seem like he dosen't want to be there A.J Green has said several times he wants to stay stop the false narratives

  3. Burrow never said anything about not wanting to play for the Bengals period.
    The media made their own narrative and ran with it.

  4. I’ve never seen the bengals actually try to win even win they have good seasons this is getting me confident

  5. Mike, that's a big claim you make at the end about Joe Burrow (thinking about pulling an Eli Manning). Would you mind substantiating it?

  6. Bengals have the the longest playoff win drought of any north American professional sports franchise. FACT.

  7. Mike Florio would have a good point if the Bengals hadn't made the playoffs 5 years in a row in the last decade

  8. Wow, the texans look like the stupidest run team in the NFL, oh yeah they are, pretty sad here in H-town. Please fire Billy O'Dumbass.

  9. The team that is used in free agency to their advantage is the Washington Redskins who finally have money they've done very well and they're not finished yet give credit to Ron Rivera the staff and to Dan snyder

  10. The bengals are a disgrace. Any team that has to be forced to invest in talent and forced to spend cap money shouldnt be running a team and will never be a serious contender. Blame the coaches all you want. The owners dont deserve to be in the NFL. If your not all in to win and spend all the money your allowed to do it, you should be forced out. It's not like their responsible. They're making money on not spending it on players. I hope burrow runs and runs fast as he can. The bengals are a dusgrace.

  11. Dj reader gives the bengals the Domata Peko they’ve been missing, Atkins was his best with that big fluffy guy next to him chewing up doubles

  12. Why does Mike question if every player wants to be a Bengal despite non of them saying anything close to that?

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