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CPD captain pleads not guilty to OVI charge in Clermont County

BATAVIA, Ohio (WKRC) - The attorney for a Cincinnati Police captain charged with OVI says the officer who arrested his client was “trolling for DUIs," and the police dashcam video has been misinterpreted.

Cpt. Amanda Caton on Friday pleaded not guilty to operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Early Sunday morning, she and her husband left a bar in downtown Loveland. They needed to drive about a mile to their home, but within about 30 seconds of leaving the bar, an officer was on their tail.

The officer says in his report that Caton hesitated at a green light in downtown Loveland. The dashcam video that was released to the media begins after the light is already green. The officer noted that Caton then goes over the dotted line in the curve immediately following. He noted that she goes from one side of the lane to the other in another curve. That's when he decided to pull her over.

Five days later, Friday morning, Caton is being arraigned.

"You're charged with operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol," Magistrate Anita Bechmann said, reading the charges.

Caton pleaded not guilty. Local 12 tried to speak with Caton after the hearing, but she declined an interview. But her attorney had a lot to say:

"When you watch that video, there's no traffic violation,” said Steve Adams. “There's no evidence of impairment. None.”

Adams says the dashcam proves his client's innocence.

"I do know this: That cop was trolling for DUIs outside of that area late at night," he said.

In the dashcam video, Caton appeared to try to gain favor from the officer by disclosing who she is.

"I am a Cincinnati Police officer too, if that makes a difference,” she said.

But Adams says Caton was not trying to get out of the OVI; she was trying to calm the officer to let him know she is a “good guy,” not a criminal, and he doesn’t need to be on high alert. We also asked about Caton's police lieutenant husband and his attitude toward the officers in the video:

Officer: It's not that I want to.

Lt. Patrick Caton: Yeah you do. How long you been a cop?

Capt. Amanda Caton: Pat, stop it. Don't.

Officer: Sir, you've got your gun on you and you're intoxicated too.

Patrick Caton: I am not!

Officer: Don't. Don't.

Amanda Caton: Pat.

Adams says that exchange bolsters his client’s innocence.

"If you heard that videotape, Amanda tries to calm him down. That shows that she's got a clearance of intellect, 'Calm down, hubby, OK?'" said Adams

Adams goes on to say his client is innocent and won't plead to a lesser charge. Caton has temporarily lost her police powers while the case is adjudicated. We attempted to speak to the Loveland Police chief and did not receive a return call.


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