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Could Joe Burrow refuse to play for the Cincinnati Bengals? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Mike Florio and Big Cat speculate if presumptive No. 1 overall pick Joe Burrow could -- or should -- refuse to play for the Cincinnati Bengals and try to force a move elsewhere. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL #CincinnatiBengals #JoeBurrow
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Could Joe Burrow refuse to play for the Cincinnati Bengals? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports


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  1. He and his dad has already dispelled these "rumors" (aka stirring up baseless bs) , can you guys stop? this is stupid and embarrassing.

    I'd also love to hear your guy's logic about how the Dolphins, who've only had 1 winning season in the last decade, would somehow be a better choice for Burrow.

  2. Most NFL fans don’t realize the total disfunction of the Mike Brown system. If JB goes to Cincinnati his career will likely be wasted.
    For those of you that don’t know about mike brown, he has made comments in the past indicating that the most successful season you could have in the nfl is not winning the Super Bowl. It’s making the playoffs and losing!! Why??? Because you make the most possible money. You keep fan interest high and you don’t have to pay those pesky bonuses that players get when the make afc championship or Super Bowl. The collective bargaining agreement assureds that mike brown makes as much money as possible no matter how little success.

    The Steelers, patriots, broncos(all great nfl franchises) profit roughly 25 million a year. Bengals profit around 45 million each year.

    While the patriots are in the playoffs the bengals season is always over already.
    So the patriots get the playoffs, the bengals get 20 million dollars. The CBA And the nfl need to change!
    Most nfl fans have no idea this is the reality of the league.

  3. Mike Brown was asked about why he has only 2 scouts working for the bengals when most NFL teams have 8.
    His response “I’m not gonna pay a group of people to sit around and watch college football” -MB

  4. Mike Brown was asked about why he has only 2 scouts working for the bengals when most NFL teams have 8.
    His response “I’m not gonna pay a group of people to sit around and watch college football” -MB

  5. With the pathetic ownership of the Bengals Burrows would be wise to stay away. Mike Brown is a man who doesn't care about Cincinnati or football. He only cares about milking his inheritance and the bottom line. The fans of Cincinnati are great but they also won't apply pressure to get rid of Mike Brown.The fan base is broken down and why would would Bengals fans hope for anything good for Mike Brown. In the few seasons the Bengals where contenders which really was 1988 the City was pumping and downtown businesses were killing it. That's why Brown is such a failure. He is hated.

  6. I'm a Ravens fan but the Bengals have really gotten a bad rap. How many playoff games did the Cowboys win with Romo? Florio sat here and listed how the owner of the Bengals intentionally tries not to win and yet Lewis and Dalton gets them to 5 playoffs and then they fire him!!! And then they get so bad they get the #1 pick and they have the nerve to blame Dalton?

    Another thing I'm getting sick of is these whiny little prima donas thinking they are owed a championship team before they even set foot in the NFL. You are #1 pick for a reason. You are supposed to be good enough to elevate losing teams to a winning status. Not the other way around.

  7. Can this ridiculous speculation stop? Hes going to the Bengals and I wish him well, the same media sources that said Trump wouldn’t win 2016 is saying this nonsense.

  8. I don’t understand why doesn’t he just sell the team then you can make a ton of money by selling them, all he’s doing is hurting the city, Cincinnati wants a championship sell the team to someone who wants the same thing Or like the guy said you can make a Tonna money if you win a Super Bowl Endorsements, merchandise, ticket sales if you’re smart businessman that’s what you wouldn’t want he’s probably just lazy

  9. I always had a problem with Rookies who feel they are above a franchise. He's not as obnoxious as Eli Manning was, but let's be clear here; he's not exactly John Elway either. Cincinnati isn't a idea spot for any sport, but for a team who hasn't won in the post season in 30 years, the fans just wants one win this century. Whoever comes aboard and accomplishes this are basically writing themselves a blank check and will likely be immortalized in every tattoo parlor in Cincinnati.

  10. So he should refuse to go to Cincinnati and go where exactly? Cincinnati has had 4 coaches and 7 playoff appearances in the last 20 years, potentially 2 1000 yard receivers, and a 1000+ yard per year young RB who catches the ball as good as any RB in the league. So Miami and their 10 coaches and 4 playoff trips in the past 20 years, and a bare bones roster is a better option? Maybe the Chargers and their same 5 coaches and 7 playoff appearances in a city that doesn't care about the team at all would be better? Perhaps The raiders with 10 coaches and 4 trips to the playoffs in the same span, and with a Coach who doesn't like young QB's would be the better fit?

  11. If he's smart he will tell them that he will never sign with them if they draft him. The Bungals will always be the Bungals. I live in Pittsburgh, so I ought to know.

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