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Three Cincinnati P&G employees behind new skin care line for older women

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - If our skin changes as we age, then shouldn’t we change the products we’re using? It’s that exact thought that inspired three women at Procter & Gamble to team up and design a skincare line specifically for older women.

“One of the things we always hear consumers say is, ‘When I start getting near 50, my products seem to stop working,’” said See Me Beauty co-founder Christi Putman. “We found that it is true. Once you hit 50 things really change dramatically. Your skin starts aging 6 times faster and it’s 12 times less responsive to the active ingredients.”

In May of 2018, two of Putman’s fellow Procter & Gamble co-workers, Tiffanie Papp and Alexis Schrimpf, approached her about teaming up and finding a solution.

“We started getting together and talking about how to create a brand for women our age, women like us,” said See Me Beauty co-founder Tiffanie Papp. “You have to kind of reevaluate the products that you’re using to make sure you’re using products that work with your changing skin.”

By July of 2019, See Me Beauty was born.

“It says to women, We see you,” said See Me Beauty co-founder Alexis Schrimpf. “Because women many times over 50 feel like they’re invisible.”

After countless hours of research, the ladies found the perfect cocktail of ingredients, which include avocado oil, dill extract, turmeric, and the hero, artichoke extract.

“This ingredient works better and faster on older skin versus younger skin,” Putman said. “Most actives work better on younger skin.”

Right now there are two products in the skincare line: the uptown beauty cream and the smooth out recovery serum. In January, Procter & Gamble will launch a night cream and cleanser, and in February, an eye cream.

“It is like the armor you meet your day with and when your skin feels good, that it's healthy and radiant and vibrant, it makes a difference,” Schrimpf said.

See Me Beauty is about feeling confident and comfortable in the skin you already have.

"It's not about trying to look like you're 20-years-old,” Papp said. “It's just about being comfortable in your own skin and looking your very best and being vibrant every day.”

The products are only sold online.


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