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Cincinnati (CVG) to Leipzig-Halle (LEJ) in a 747F

Flight no: KA259 Kalitta Air 747F

Sim by, FS9
Model by; POSKY (freeware)
Panel by; IFLY (payware) (with edetroit touches)
Paint by; Edward Cox (freeware)
Cincinnati Intl by; Imaginesim(payware)
Leipzig-Halle by; Aerosoft (payware)
Real weather by; ASE (payware)
Clouds/sky by; HDE v2 (freeware)


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  1. Hello Ed

    I have one question and i hope you can answer it.

    In one of the last 747-400 British Airways videos you wrote that you could find ifly variables via opening model with notepad.

    Is there way to add for example fuel pump and hydraulik pump sounds in the ifly 737 by finding variables?

    Or is there an easy way to add pump sounds in the ifly 737NG?

    For example by making an entry in the sound config or panel cfg.

    I use FS9 and i apreciate your help.

  2. Great video! I have watched all your videos over the years and you allways deliver. Do you think its possible for you to make an Airbus flight anytime? I have problem with my FS9, which wont work on Windows system…

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