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The Weather Channel – WeatherStar XL reloading 9/29/2004

The local WeatherStar XL was reloading data during this recording. There's no observations and only a single radar frame on the first local forecast.

Features Kristina Abernathy and Vivian Brown.


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  1. Do you have any Weatherstar xl clips with the "Look for fair skies on Monday." narration in it? I would be most delighted if you do!

  2. It's quite interesting seeing the then-new LF lineup with all 2 minute LFs from an XL-perspective, as this caused the "Extended Forecast" product to never show. Given that BabyMario19891998 Returns and I are weird about the narrations, we would have wanted the 90 second LFs to come back to regular usage. What he and I are trying to do is have all of the fair skies narrations to listen to. Besides "Look for fair skies on Monday.", "On Thursday, we'll see fair skies." is the only other one not on the internet yet, so if you found that, I'd be happy with that one, too. Sometimes, it's narrated as "Your extended forecast." due to the narration sequence not fitting in the allotted time, but 1 minute and 2 minute LFs from pre-March 2002, and 90 second LFs with the "Weather Bulletins" segment and the "Radar" looping 6 times remedied this, because of an extra 2 seconds added to the "Extended Forecast" product. Also, even with no unheard narrations, 90 second LFs were used during select long-form specials, such as "The Christmas Tree Ship", and "Storm Week", so I think that'd be interesting to see one of the very rare times the "Extended Forecast" was seen on the XL, even with no unheard narrations, if you have a recording of "The Christmas Tree Ship", or "Storm Week".

  3. Do you have any more clips of "PM Edition"? That was my favorite graphics/music package back then.

    That teaser graphic at 17:35 brings back memories.

  4. 10/10 video upload. I was hooked on the Weather Channel in the mid-2000s. Wish I could have gotten to experience the WSXL – my family had a very budgety cable provider at this time that only had the 4000, and I was jealous of all of those who had cable companies with XLs and IntelliSTARs. I finally got my IntelliSTAR in 2010 with a switch to Verizon FiOS, and in hindsight I was lucky to experience the nostalgia and simplicity provided by the 4000.

  5. You must be near the Cincinatti area, I see alot of those style STAR videos which is awesome. I was born and raised in Hamilton.

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