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Kris and Remus help to kickoff HallZOOween at the Cincinnati Zoo

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - The Cincinnati Zoo kicked off HallZOOween with a play session with cheetah Kris and her puppy playmate, Remus.

Kris was the only survivor of a litter of three born on July 7 at the Zoo's cheetah breeding facility in Clermont County. The Zoo had to step in because single cheetah cubs don't usually survive.

Remus was brought in to help Kris learn to be a cheetah. Remus helps her practice natural behavior. Linda Castaneda, lead trainer of the Zoo's cat ambassador program, said if there's no cheetah sibling, the closest thing is a dog and they don't pick just any puppy.

"This is our 6th cheetah-dog pairing at the zoo so we know it's been successful before. We for dogs with a great personality so Remus looks a little bit different from most of the cheetah-dog pairs we've picked but he was the one with the best personality."

The Zoo found Remus through the Animal Rescue Fund, Inc.

Remus and Kris don't eat together because cheetahs don't share and her diet isn't puppy-friendly, according to Castaneda.

Kris and Remus were seen playing with Halloween-themed stuffed toys and mini pumpkins.

HallZOOween runs weekends through Oct. 26-27 at the Cincinnati Zoo. Kids are encouraged to wear their costumes and bring bags for the treat stations throughout the Zoo.


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