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Cincinnati Children's Hospital receives $2.7M grant for technology in new tower

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - The critical care center at Cincinnati Children's Hospital is under construction and the focus has moved from the building to the technology inside. Cisco announced a big gift to help advance specialty medical care for both providers and families.

"We are frequent flyers here and it's not the kind where you get points for an airline."

Jennie Stoll says her family knows what critical care is needed for tiny babies to survive.

Her daughter, Hannah, was in the neonatal intensive care unit at Cincinnati Children's as a baby.

It's just one of many services that will be part of the new critical care tower at Cincinnati Children's Hospital when it opens in two years.

Doctor Jim Greenberg showed a mock-up of the new tower last year.

On July 10, a $2.7 million dollar grant from Cisco was announced.

"We have an extraordinary future ahead of us, that will allow us to care for the most complicated patients ahead of us, and it's a privilege to do so," said Dr. Greenberg.

The mock-up clearly shows that from bedside and beyond, they will need high-tech help for advanced services and care.

"So, whether it's patients using WebEx to tell a bedtime story or whether it's using our virtual technology and video to bring Santa into patient rooms, we are happy to be the bridge between those children and the moment of comfort so important to them," said Ken Trombetta, Chief Operating Officer for Cisco Americas.

The goal is to continue to transform the lives of people like Jenny's daughter, Hannah, who is now 16.

"My team has worked so hard getting me here today, I will be going to school a full day next year."

Her mom says that full-day is a big deal and critical care gets kids with complicated medical illnesses to places we never thought possible.


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