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Offseason examination: Will Zac Taylor change Cincinnati Bengals? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Mike Florio and Chris Simms dive into the Bengals' offseason as they brought in Zac Taylor as the franchise's new coach in hopes of winning a playoff game for the first time since January 1991. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL #CincinnatiBengals #ZacTaylor
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Offseason examination: Will Zac Taylor change Cincinnati Bengals? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports


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  1. this is when trying to copy the sean mcvey head coach hiring backfires. not sure if this young dude is going to be able to do it. and i thought they had a bad draft.

  2. the WHOLE TEAM was hurt last year. We were flipping 4-1 and then the entire team went on IR. If Eifert stays healthy for an entire season, Andy will have a 2015 season again. He's the catalyst to his success, it's proven. Look at the offense after the Falcons game.

  3. bengals were pretty alright last year until everybody got hurt lmao, i don’t even think they mentioned that once, can’t even listen to these clowns talk

  4. NFL controls which teams they support as the Superbowl teams. The NFL has no interest in a Bengal Superbowl team that is why announcers and analysts have no interest in talking about the Bengals and don't really know how the team operates because they don't cover them. To write them off as a mediocre team that started strong but did not finish strong in 2018 and not acknowledge the fact that they had 22 players on IR and many were key starters, proves their apathy for the Bengals.

  5. Yawn. 9 years of average Andy. Dude is not capable of winning a playoff game or primetime game or against anytime above 500. Dude is garbage.

  6. Baffling to me that you can overlook this very talented, albeit unlucky, team; and then act like the Steelers are worth paying ANY attention to after their pure clownery last season. Pittsburgh has been imploding in slow motion. Old, lazy Ben and a coach who can’t control his players are the core of that team. Lost some key players. A toxic culture where they constantly play down to competition. Unbelievably obvious these analysts have been paying zero attention. Very obvious who‘s really trending downward in this division, and it’s not Cincinnati.

  7. I think simms had it right. There is a lack of sizzle. There is good players just seems like not a lot to get excited about. It a good team and not a team you think are bad.

  8. Florio keeps yelling about how they’re the same roster that went 6-10 last year, but never mentions that half the roster was on IR by week 8. What a moronic blowhard. Who knows if the Bengals will be any good, but I do know Mikes opinion is uniformed and irrelevant

  9. The coaching change is good news to me. I don't care what anyone thinks about it. Andy Dalton is good enough to take a team to a Superbowl and win it with the right coaches!!

  10. Why does everyone thinks we are going to be bad? SMH. Dalton has put up better number than a lot of other quarterbacks

  11. If Andy and AJ wouldn't have got hurt then our offense would have been great and our defense would have been great if they didn't all get hurt in the steelers game

  12. Find a new quarterback and the Bengals are in the game The Cleveland Browns are only gonna get better When the talent is there you have to take a chance and be willing to spend the money to get the quarterback you need

  13. Bengals will improve and find ways to shock all people who are low ranking them. just be aware. we have a lot of talent and quality. with the new coaches on offense and defense. there is good energy and excellent schemes.

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