Game news 2020: New characters, New map, New mode and collaborations / Identity V

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  1. Geisha's getting another new costume lol ok, but ngl the upcoming events look pretty rad. Hitting off 2020 with a lot of excitement.

  2. U see that in the first news one of them it looks like a artists if it’s I’m gonna buy her or him

  3. Im think the bug catcher survivor skills should be like that he/she ill start with 1 bee 1 butterfly and one bottle full of bugs and to recharge you need to catch them ill be 2 of them im the map
    Butterfly: ill boost you or you teammates like barmaid speed dovlin but your mate need to be in your sight to boost them and the hunter can hit it but ill be like hiting murro pig (dont know the name of the animal in english T-T) and ill cancel the effect.
    Bee: ill stun hunter for 2 secs but if the hunter is carring a survivor ill free the survivor butt ill stun him for 3 secs
    Bug Bottle: same as a Black mud but whit bugs if the bottle hit a wall or ground the bugs ill go for the next survivor and will be at it screen.
    You just can have 3 of them in match 4 in duo but they ill be a lil worst
    1- skill explain
    2- recharge bugs explain
    3- Fragile: valting speed is descreased by 10%
    4- Panic: when in he/she is at hunter terror radius decoding, pallet drop, opening gates and healing ill be descresed by 9% (valting speed is not affected)
    Sorry if my english is wrong i just know the basic
    If there you think she/he should get a different ability or a trait reply me in comments pls

    Thanks for reading

  4. 第五人格て飽きさせない天才なの?なんかしけてきたな〜て思うとなにかしら面白そうなのくる?

  5. If the new character uses a wheelchair then how can they vault windows or destrot pallets????

  6. 2:01 ok so for all those Americans out thair the game there gnna collab with is a fricking drumming game you can do in a game senter
    It’s called taiko no tatugin

  7. Are they going to have a collaboration with metal gear solid? That would be awesome to be solid snake as a survivor

  8. I created a hospital patient character 2 months before i found out they were lunching a new character so rip Edwardo but im excited for these characters.

  9. Wheelchair survivor: vaults in speed of the light

    Hunter: wait…that's illegal

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