More showers, thunderstorms bring possibility of flooding

The rain isn't over yet. 

The National Weather Service said an "unsettled weather pattern" will continue in Greater Cincinnati, allowing for more showers and thunderstorms this week.

Forecasters said occasional showers and storms will be possible Tuesday, with the potential for locally heavy rainfall and localized flooding.

"Conditions are also favorable for intense heavy rain, so remain alert for flooded roads while driving (Tuesday)," forecasters said. 

Greater Cincinnati will see a brief break in the rain on Wednesday evening into Thursday morning. Thursday will also likely be the warmest day of the week, with temperatures near 90. 

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Thursday night we will see "renewed potential for heavy rain and possible flooding in what will likely be clusters of thunderstorms persisting along a very slowly southerly-sagging frontal boundary," the National Weather Service said. 

That boundary will stick around, forecasters said.  More storms could bring the chance for localized flooding Friday and Saturday. 

"The boundary stalls south in central Kentucky for late Sunday through the first part of the workweek, keeping at least a slight chance of periphery showers with isolated storms through early next week,"  the National Weather Service said. 

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