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Bengals draft a REPLACEMENT for AJ Green in Tee Higgins with the 33rd overall pick | 2020 NFL Draft

With the 33rd pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Cincinnati select Tee Higgins, WR from LSU.

Our CBS Sports HQ crew breaks down the selection, providing a grade for the team and what potential impact Higgins might have for the Bengals.


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  1. How tf do u grade this pick as a b bruh this dude has a massive catch radius and has size advantage if he toughens up in the nfl the bengals could be favorites

  2. If aj green, tyler boyd and john Ross are on the field with tee Higgins.. Higgins will be matched up against the lesser corners.. if the Bengals have a decent offensive line ( key word if) this is dangerous dangerous offense. And with the free agent and drafted linebacker on defense this is going to be tough to beat… like seriously.

  3. This bs title is exactly what I be saying, yal fools stay trying to plant seeds of separation smh. Why can't this kid simply be another addition to our wr core? Yal are full of shit with that conqueror and divide bs. ???

  4. This offense is going to be scary. F the single stats for ONE WR. Burrow is going to be on Bradys level.

  5. They have outstanding weapons for Joe Burrow. AJ Green/ Tee Higgins/John Ross/Tyler Boyd/Joe Mixon. ?
    The question will be can they protect and open holes upfront.

  6. These analysts can talk about the strengths and weaknesses of Tee Higgins all they want. At the end of the day, the Bengals got Joe Borrow help with Higgins and he is the real deal.

  7. Ravens fan here Bengals have really covered most of their holes in this draft. AFC North will be bloody mess this year ??. Best of luck Bengals

  8. Nonsense that he is replacing aj green. They really wanted a LB or one of the special OLs. They weren’t there so they took a special player who had dropped out of rd1 instead of reaching for need. Good pick.

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