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The Cincinnati Museum Center wants your home movies!

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - You and your family could be part of a new exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center.

Museum staff is crowd-sourcing home movies. They want to see your Cincinnati memories, family holidays, milestones and even when you're chowing down on cheese coneys. So, start digging through your old movies and reminiscing.

"You Are Here" will be a permanent exhibit that shows the city's history through the eyes of your own family.

They already have some from the '30s. It shows a parade in Mt. Healthy, summertime in Cincinnati with swimming and boating, playing in parks, families celebrating together and more.

Whitney Owens, Cincinnati Museum Center's chief learning officer, is taking all the movies in.

"They could be showing hanging out together at home, maybe in a holiday setting or having a religious observance at home, maybe during a birthday party or other social gathering. Maybe it's a coming-of-age type moment where somebody is graduating or having a bar mitzvah or something like that," said Owens.

Looking through the old movies taught her a lot about life in Cincinnati decades ago.

"For me personally, learning about maybe some of the restaurants that used to be here and aren't there anymore, even schools that used to exist that have closed at some point, maybe festival and parade traditions we used to have or just earlier versions of the parades we have today," said Owens.

Dozens of movies like these will come together in a 12-minute montage. "I think it's going to provide a great format for a lot of people to maybe reconnect with things, especially with older generations of things they may remember that we no longer have, as well as for younger generations to share some of the traditions that those things have evolved into today," said Owens.

The museum will take movies in any format: VHS tapes, 8 millimeters or even iPhone videos. If your submission doesn't make the exhibit, with your permission, the museum might use it in another exhibit or online.

You have until Feb. 1 to submit. Send your movies to [email protected] and describe it. If it is in another format, describe what you have in the email as well.

"You Are Here" opens April 17.


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