Countdown to the Intellivision Amico – Game News & a huge Reddit AMA

This is one of the biggest news weeks for the Intellivision Amico ever. There was a mega Reddit AMA and we picked up all the juicy information to share with you.

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  1. Nice Wrap up! Tommy is the MAN!! Should not have to worry about AD&D title licensing. The games were Great without the License Stamp. They were not dice rolling board games, and they are no longer Cartridges… check your labels heh heh ;-)

  2. Really enjoyed your video once again Pete. I'm curious how much earlier will Founders Edition will ship Tommy if your watching. Also it would be nice if there were more hat choices in the Amico store for those of us that aren't into the distressed look.

  3. Moon Patrol: The Milky Way Chronicles is the first in a potential series of games that will go to different galaxies in the universe in follow up games. I’ll tell you one movie property I think Tommy said they were going to try and get early in the Atariage forum was The Last Starfighter the NES port was just a reskined side scrolling shooter and the only way to play a version close to the arcade cabinet that appears in the film is a fan made game on PC which is awesome but very hard for me as I am terrible with keyboard gaming due to my lack of coordination so I’m hoping Tommy gets that license and gives us a Last Starfighter that is amazing and fun to play

  4. Chamomile? Been having chai tea myself today.
    This was a great vid, with lots of good info. I keep my golden ticket close at hand. Also, I'll be throwing out a console number request myself soon, admitedly I'll be doing a bit of a cheeky joke, but all the same. Hope 0011 is yours. Or maybe double 11? 1111?

  5. PETE OF THIS CHANNEL AND TOMMY TALLARICO OF AMICO LISTEN CLOSELY LISTEN VERY CLOSELY. Have you ever heard of the movie Misery? The crazy lady wanted a new good book of Misery….Well I'm super duper crazy and if I DO NOT GET A GOOD VERSION OF ATARI 2600 WARLORDS on the new Amico then I will most definitely kidnap Tommy…..Pete I will make sure you video every step of the kidnapping….if Tommy and company does not deliver a good version of WARLORDS then you will all go down.

    So it has been written and so it will be done. Love both of you men but I love 4 player WARLORDS even more.

    Go ahead and contact the authorities….they are too busy playing Star Raiders and are too busy with the Corona virus….


  6. Love it. This was a great video. I did order 2 15oz mugs. And when the gto red and galaxy purple consoles are available we arw getting them. My wife wants tue purple on my son wants the gto. And Ive already reserved the classic. People probably think we are all crazy lol

  7. I appreciate having something to watch everyday about the Amico Intellivision and the count down to launch days. Your excitement is contagious. My brother and I had the original Intellivision and have fond memories of playing this system. From a fellow Freako for the Amico subscriber!

  8. A very cool cause. :) & Thank you so much for the great updates, some excellent information in here. Sweeeet.^^^^^ The online store and operating system should look sic I hope. Golden ticket info. yes! "oooof", ;p

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