Prohibition went into effect in U.S.

Law enforcement officials pour whiskey down the drain during Prohibition.

Today is Jan. 17. On this date:


Captain James Cook completed the first recorded trip across the Antarctic Circle.


Hawaii’s monarchy was overthrown as businessmen and sugar planters forced Queen Lili’uokalani to abdicate.


Prohibition began in the United States as the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution took effect, one year to the day after its ratification. (It was later repealed by the 21st Amendment.)

Our history:Cincinnati's breweries hit hard by Prohibition


The cartoon character Popeye the Sailor made his debut in the “Thimble Theatre” comic strip.

The comic strip "Thimble Theatre" by E.C. Segar starred Popeye the Sailor.


Soviet and Polish forces liberated Warsaw during World War II.


Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, credited with saving tens of thousands of Jews, disappeared in Hungary while in Soviet custody.


The Great Brink’s Robbery took place as seven masked men held up a Brink’s garage in Boston, stealing $1.2 million in cash and $1.5 million in checks and money orders. (Although the entire gang was caught, only part of the loot was recovered.)

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