Purple People Bridge may reopen in October with short-term fix

Jake Oswald, of Newport, Kentucky, runs along the Purple People Bridge. Access to the bridge reopened on the Kentucky entrance July 1, but the Ohio entrance remains closed.

The Purple People Bridge may fully reopen in October, according to a board member, though permanent fixes may cost more than $200,000.

Members of the Newport/Southbank Bridge Board have two plans right now for the opening, including a short-term plan that could open the privately owned, pedestrian-only bridge by the end of October.

The bridge between Newport and downtown Cincinnati closed May 11 after a large stone fell from the bridge into the first pier on the Cincinnati side and created a safety hazard. Other stones were loosened as well, and it remains closed on the Ohio side. 

Access reopened to pedestrians on the Newport side July 1.

The long-term plan would potentially have the bridge fully fixed by spring, said Jack Moreland, chairman of the board for Newport Southbank Bridge Co., the nonprofit organization that maintains the bridge.

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