What’s it like to work at Pure Romance

Chris Cicchinelli, CEO of Pure Romance.

It's been more than 20 years since Pure Romance CEO Chris Cicchinelli came back to Cincinnati to help his mother with her fledgling intimacy products business.

After two decades of growing the Downtown-based business to a $350 million enterprise with 40,000 representatives worldwide, Cicchinelli, 45, of Indian Hill, has written a book recalling the company's growth and sharing his approach for becoming a successful business owner.

The Secret is You by Chris Cicchinelli, CEO of Pure Romance.

'The Secret is You' is now available for $25 at The Enquirer spoke with Cicchinelli about his company, working with his mother and the book, here are some highlights:

You talk a lot about joining your mother's business. You had clashing approaches but together grew the business. What was that like?

A: I showed up on Day 1 of working with my mom and I have my notebook ready to go and asked my mom 'What's our five-year growth strategy?'

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