Moeller’s new baseball field to be named for Kremchek family doctors

An artists rendering of Moeller's proposed athletic complex to be built in Miamiville

KENWOOD - Tim Kremchek remembers part of his father's job meant pulling out of the driveway on Friday evenings in the fall for high school football games. He also remembers the family phone going off in the house on Saturday mornings around 6:30.

It usually was Gerry Faust, the architect of Moeller football, calling Dr. Edward Kremchek who began serving Moeller athletes as far back as 1968. His father lived for those moments as a pioneer of what is now known as sports medicine.

The combination of sports and medicine so intrigued young Tim that he went off and became an orthopedic surgeon himself, serving under world-renowned Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham until returning home to Cincinnati to work with his father before his passing in 1995.

Though neither Kremchek went to Moeller, both cared for their athletes and witnessed how the school molded them into successful young men.

Dr. Tim Kremchek has donated money to Moeller for their new baseball complex which will be named in honor of the work he and his father did for the Crusaders' sports programs.

In honor of the late Dr. Edward Kremchek and as a gift back for the inspiration Moeller has meant to both of them, Dr. Tim Kremchek gave the Crusader family a generous donation to name the new field after the Kremcheks, Kremchek Stadium. 

"You get to this point in your life and you want to give it back to the community," Kremchek said. "My father meant everything in the world to me and he was one of the leaders in sports medicine in this city. He gave me the inspiration to go into medicine to begin with. The way he loved Moeller High School and the way he cared for Moeller High School, he was really a trailblazer especially in this part of the country, on how to take care of a high school."

The new complex was announced in early December at Moeller as part of their $14 million "Raise The Shield" campaign. It will be located in Miamiville off of Second Street.

A Google Maps search for 6123 Second Street in Miamiville where a proposed Moeller athletic complex will be built

"Often when I talk to Doc Kremchek, he talks about his dad," Major League Baseball Hall of Famer and Moeller grad Barry Larkin said. "He left a lasting impression. His father was the team physician when I was playing for Moeller. Everybody had respect for him because he was a quality person.

The gift thanks Moeller for its tradition-rich history and for allowing both Kremcheks to play a part in it. Dr. Tim Kremchek has been well known in athletic circles for years through his position as the Reds team medical director since 1996.

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