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Cincinnati Children's develops human pancreas chip

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Research scientists at Cincinnati Children's Hospital are working with medical providers to help discover a whole new way to personalize medicine.

They've developed a human pancreas on a chip, which could soon bring together the pharmacy and the lab.

Along with with bio engineer Kyushik Mun, Dr. Anjaparavanda Naren has developed a chip that allows for a sample from an individual to be placed into this system.

"The chip here is essentially a patient, it's the patient's pancreas," said Naren.

The result is an exact replica of an individuals pancreas, and how it responds to various medications and treatments.

"The chip gives you a way that would identify which is the best drug that works."

Rather than getting one of several prescriptions at a pharmacy you hope works to help fight off serious symptoms, a personal pancreas chip allows doctors to test it ahead of time, to see whether the patient improves with response to certain drugs.


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