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Kroger to no longer return coin change to customers due to Federal Reserve shortage

Due to a coin shortage at the Federal Reserve, Kroger will no longer return coin change to customers.

Instead, the remainders from cash transactions can either be donated to charity or applied to the customers' loyalty cards to be used on the next purchase.

Kroger officials said, "at Kroger, we are implementing several creative solutions to minimize the impact to our customers. We know this is an inconvenience for our customers and we appreciate their patience. The Treasury Department expects the shortage to diminish as more regions of the country reopen."

Customers have the following options if coins are not available:

  • Round up to support Zero Hunger, Zero Waste Foundation
  • Pay with a form of payment other than cash
  • Have their coin change loaded as credit toward their next purchase directly to their loyalty card

Currently, Kroger stores are collecting donations for its Zero Hunger|Zero Waste Foundation by allowing customers to round up their order total to the next dollar. The foundation supports hunger relief efforts across the communities it serves.

Customers using self-checkout will still be able to receive coins.

This story was originally published by Rebekah Pewitt at WTVF.

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